Sunrise from Mammalapuram Shore Temple, Sept. 28, 2014 – week 7 Cosmology and Culture trip

This movie was taken from a series of shots with my Canon DSLR on the beach at Mammalapuram at sunrise during our Week 7 trip. The trip was entitled “Cosmology and Culture of the Chola” and included a contemplation of time, space, and eternity from the perspectives of astronomy and astrophysics and from the ancient Chola, as viewed from their temples.  As you watch this – think about our experience, our time on earth, and the universe!  May it fill you with wonder and peace!

Part 1 of the movie (quicktime) Cosmology.and.Culture.Sunrise.480p.part1

Part 2 of the movie (quicktime)

Dropbox Link to Movie – click here to view (subject to some compression)

(the music is from the soundtrack by A.R. Rahman, “The Hundred Foot Journey”)