Astrophysics Teas

At Yale-NUS College we are developing a number of very capable astronomy students, and have access to increasingly powerful astronomical resources; currently with the 1.3-meter CTIO telescope (through Yale SMARTS) and the 0.3-meter Las Campanas telescopes. We hope to have some distinguished astronomy visitors during 2017 so please watch this space as we are likely to begin a number of talks which could take the form of the “astrophysics tea” – a tradition at leading research institutions.

During 2014-15 we had a series of Astrophysics Tea Talks on Thursday afternoons. These talks included speakers such as Brian Schmidt (ANU, Nobel Laureate), Charles Bailyn, Hui Koon Ng, Lakshmi Saripalli (RRI), Bidushi Bhattcharya (former NASA scientist, with experience on HST, Spitzer Space Telescope, and Herschel Space telescope). A number of background topics in astronomy were covered by Bryan Penprase along with current research efforts in solar system astronomy. And we took a fantastic tour of the NUS satellite development facility.

Below is the schedule, and a set of the talks as PDF files.

astrophysics.tea.talks – Astrophysics tea talk Schedule (PDF) – Talk about Asteroids and Research Opportunities within the solar system by Bryan Penprase – part 1 (PDF) – Talk about Asteroids and Research Opportunities by Bryan Penprase – part 2 (PDF) – Talk by Bryan Penprase about Outer Solar System, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Comets.

Spacecraft mission design talk for YNUS – Talk about Spacecraft from Bidushi Bhattacharya, including “Singapore’s place in Space”

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