Yale-NUS College has access to a powerful suite of telescopes in Chile and across the Earth. So while our weather and lack of mountains may suggest astronomy is tough in Singapore – our facilities suggest otherwise!  Below are some links to the telescopes we are using in our YSC 2217 Observational Astronomy Course!

Yale SMARTS Network of Telescopes

The SMARTS Network –

The 1.3-meter telescope in Chile –

ANDICAM – the infrared and optical imager –

CHIRON spectrograph –


 LCRO – the Las Campanas Remote Observatory

LCRO homepage and Image Gallery –

LCRO Observers Cookbook –

LCRO Weather –

LCRO Observer Control Panel –


NARIT – the National Astronomy Institute of Thailand 

Overview of NARIT –

Thai National Observatory (TNO) –

TNO 0.5-meter telescope –


Skynet – A Global Telescope Network (includes PROMPT CTIO telescopes)

Skynet telescope overview –

Astronomy with Skynet Labs –

Skynet Observer Login –