Lunar Eclipse from the Roof of Kent Vale 2

On October 8, 2014, we had the second of a group of 4 lunar eclipses. This particular eclipse was very beautiful as it rose out of the haze of Singapore, with the moon in the full shadow (umbra) of the Earth. We offered a pizza party from the roof garden, 24 stories above Singapore, to a group of about 40 students and a few faculty. While many of the students had to leave before the moon rose above the haze, those that remained were rewarded with a spectacular cosmic sight! ¬†Below are a few pictures of the event taken from our roof pizza eclipse party! ¬†These pictures were taken with the Yale-NUS 6″ Nexstar telescope and a Canon DSLR camera, with help from Kimberly!

IMG_1089 IMG_1093 IMG_1098 IMG_1104 IMG_1110
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Week 7 trip “Cosmology and Culture of the Chola” to Tamil Nadu, India

As part of the Yale-NUS Week 7 experiential learning trips, I led a group of 15 students (with Anthropology professor Barney Bate, and Rector Sarah Weiss) on an exploration of the cosmology and culture of India. This included visits to the Vainu Bappu Observatory, home to 2.3-meter, 1.3-meter and 1.0 meter telescopes, and spectacular observing sessions on the roof of our hotel, watching sunrise at the beach, and watching the Milky Way moving over the top of a 1000 year old temple. The mix of the two eternities – the vast cosmic timescales of astrophysics, and the vast extent of time envisioned within Hindu cosmology was breathtaking and life-changing! Here are some photos.

IMG_7734.just.temple IMG_0698.temple.and.milky.way3 IMG_0703.temple.and.milky.way2 IMG_0705.temple.and.milky.way IMG_0714.temple.and.stars IMG_0986.temple.with.moon
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